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The Moody Juice Company

The Healing Happy Juice

The Healing Happy Juice

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Natural juice therapy designed to unlock the power of happy hormones and surround you with an abundance of positive vibes!

Our carefully crafted blend is packed with ingredients known to stimulate the release of these joy-inducing hormones, ensuring that every sip brings you closer to a state of pure happiness. 

Immerse yourself in the uplifting energy of our Happy Healing Juice and experience the transformative effects it has on your mood and overall well-being.


Apple, Orange, Strawberry, Watermelon

Nutritional information

Per 300ml: Energy = 77 kCal Carbohydrates / Sugars = 4.9g** Dietary Fibre = 4.2g Fat = 0g Protein = 0.5g Salt = 0g (**Natural sugars)


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