Our story

My name is Baljit Rattan, co-founder of The Moody Juice Company. My personal experience with cold-pressed juice over the years has led to a natural balance in my body, and therefore enhancing my health. This led me to achieve a qualification from Jason Vale's, Juice Master Academy. Consuming cold pressed juice has positively impacted my fitness, weight control, physical appearance, and most importantly, my mental wellbeing. This inspired me to establish The Moody Juice Company, with the aim of helping others experience the same benefits. Join us, feel great within, and radiate that fabulous feeling outwardly!

The magic

What’s the magic behind our Moody Juices, Cleanses, and Wellness Shots? Your health is not just about what you eat, but more importantly, what your body successfully absorbs. At the Moody Juice Company, our goal is to enrich your body with essential "live" nutrients for optimal health, without straining your digestive system. Years of unhealthy eating habits can leave your digestive system tired and blocked, hindering its ability to fully extract the nutritional goodness from fruits and vegetables. The real wealth of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes is found in our juices, not in fiber, which doesn't nourish the body. Our juices, on the other hand, eliminate unnecessary fiber.